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2014 Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAFs) Published

The Operating Cost Adjustment Factors (OCAF) for 2014 were published in the September 16, 2013 Federal Register.  These factors are used for adjusting or establishing Section 8 rents under the Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act of 1997 (MAHRA), as amended, for projects assisted with Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments.  The factors are effective February 11, 2014 and can be found at

Reminder for HUD and PBCA offices processing rent increases using Auto OCAF:

Once the 2014 Factors are updated in iREMS, please delete any Amend Rents record effective 02/11/2014 and beyond that was created either automatically or manually with the old 2013 Factor.  A new record will automatically generate with the new 2014 Factor.

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