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30-Day Extension of TRACS 202.c Conversion Date

HUD’s Office of Program Systems Management today announced that a 30-Day extension of the TRACS 202.c Conversion Date has been posted under the TRACS 202d Release Implementation Schedule.

Program staff offered this note for more information:

1. Background

A Housing Notice was published in October 2014 announcing a Passbook Rate of .06% would be effective February 1, 2015 (i.e., a 120 implementation period).

2. TRACS Processing New Passbook Rate .06%

The TRACS Team has confirmed that it will accept and process the new Passbook Rate of .06% with future effective date of 02/01/2015. Consequently, TRACS will accept all tenant certifications submitted today with future effective date equal to or beyond 02/01/2015.

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