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Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Final Rule

8 July 2015
 July 8, 2015
Category HUD News

HUD has issued a final rule regarding its procedures for program participants to promote fair housing through Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. Please find an executive summary of this final rule attached to this message; a press release from HUD may be found below.

A 2010 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found that the fair housing elements of current housing and community development planning are not as effective as they could be. In response to this report, and similar issues raised by program participants and advocates, HUD issued a proposed rule that seeks to provide direction, guidance, and procedures for program participants to promote fair housing choice. This proposed rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, was introduced on July 19, 2013. NAHMA submitted comments on the proposed rule.

However, release of the final rule has been delayed due in part to high profile Supreme Court Cases involving the legitimacy of disparate impact under the Fair Housing Act. With the Supreme Court decision now complete, HUD has issued this final rule, which includes revisions from previous public comments. NAHMA will review this rule in consultation with our Regulatory Affairs and Fair Housing Committees and we will inform members of the most important provisions and changes.

To view this proposed rule on the NAHMA website, please click here

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