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27 November 2017
 November 27, 2017

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Resources for Multifamily Assisted Housing

HUD has created a VAWA web page for assisted housing owners, agents, industry professionals, and residents. The web page contains links to the following: […]

9 November 2017
 November 9, 2017

HUD Update: HUD announces 2018 Annual Adjustment Factors

HUD announced fiscal year 2018 Annual Adjustment Factors (AAFs) for adjustment of contract rents on the anniversary of those assistance contracts for months beginning […]

8 November 2017
 November 8, 2017

HUD Update: HUD Requests Comments on New Federal Lead Strategy

Recently, HUD requested public comment on a new federal lead strategy being developed by the Lead Subcommittee of the President’s Task Force on Environmental […]

2 November 2017
 November 2, 2017

HUD Update: HUD releases 2018 Operating Cost Adjustment Factors

HUD released the following operating cost adjustment factors (OCAFs) for project-based rental assistance contracts with an anniversary date on or after February 11, 2018. […]

31 October 2017
 October 31, 2017

HUD Update: HOTMA Guidance on Physical Inspections for PHAs in HCV and PBV Programs

Recently, HUD released guidance on two provisions in the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act (HOTMA) regarding implementation of housing quality standards for Housing Choice […]