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2 March 2009
 March 2, 2009

Michigan Senate Bill 1491 Senior Housing Tax Exemption

Please see the attached document regardint the Michigan Legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 1491 regarding senior housing tax exemptions. 

18 February 2009
 February 18, 2009

Comments on Draft 2009 Michigan QAP

Written comments received from the public in regard to the Draft 2009 Qualified Allocation Plan have been posted to the “February 2009 QAP Public […]

18 February 2009
 February 18, 2009

Federal Government to Subsidize COBRA Premiums

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 includes a new subsidy of COBRA premiums for individuals who are involuntarily terminated from employment between […]

14 January 2009
 January 14, 2009

Michigan Governor Signs Housing Inspection Legislation

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm recently signed into law Senate Bill 635, sponsored by Senator Valde Garcia (R-Howell).    This new law grants authority to […]

28 August 2008
 August 28, 2008

RHS Improper Payment Audit Checklists

A major agenda item at NAHMA’s October Rural Housing Committee meeting is preventing improper Rental Assistance payments.  As you may recall, a recent RD […]