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12 December 2017
 December 12, 2017

YMCA Offers Partnership With Rapid Rehousing Program

Below you will find information on the YMCA’s Rapid Rehousing Program.  The YMCA welcomes MAHMA participation to be able to work together in serving […]

6 September 2017
 September 6, 2017

MAHMA Board of Trustees Intent to Serve

If you wish to serve on the 2018 MAHMA Board of Trustees, please complete the appropriate form below and submit to MAHMA at […]

9 August 2017
 August 9, 2017

NAHMAnalysis – Affordable Housing comes into Congressional Focus: Appropriations and Tax Policy

NAHMA has published a new NAHMAnalysis – “Affordable Housing comes into Congressional Focus: Appropriations and Tax Policy.” This summer in Congress, affordable housing swung […]

20 June 2017
 June 20, 2017

MAHMA Announces 2017 Scholarship Winners

Midwest Affordable Housing Management Association (MAHMA) has announced the awarding of two scholarships to residents living in properties managed by MAHMA member companies. The […]

21 March 2017
 March 21, 2017

NAHMA Seeks Vanguard Award Applications

Make sure you schedule time to complete your 2017 NAHMA Affordable Housing Vanguard Awards application. Believe it or not, you only have 10 weeks […]