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21 October 2016
 October 21, 2016

HUD Update: Processing Guide for Previous Participation Reviews

HUD issued the following notice which contains a Processing Guide for HUD’s Previous Participation Review regulations. The Guide defines Controlling Participants for previous participation […]

19 October 2016
 October 19, 2016

HUD Announces Disaster Assistance For Personas Affected by Flooding and Hurricane Matthew

On October 13, HUD announced that a total of $500 million will be allotted to Louisiana, Texas and West Virginia to assist in recovery […]

18 October 2016
 October 18, 2016

HUD Update: Designation of Difficult Development Areas for 2017

HUD recently issued the following notice which designates Difficult Development Areas’ (DDAs) and Qualified Census Tracts (QCTs) for purposes of the Low-Income Housing Tax […]

14 October 2016
 October 14, 2016

HUD Update: Streamlining Administrative Regulations for Multifamily Housing Programs

HUD recently issued the following Notice providing the details for Multifamily Housing programs altered by the HUD final rule titled “Streamlining Administrative Regulations for […]

12 October 2016
 October 12, 2016

HUD Update: Fiscal Year 2017 Utility Allowance Factors

HUD has issued the following Utility Allowance Factors for fiscal year 2017. Owners and management agents may use Utility Allowance Factors (UAFs) for projects […]

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