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Clarifications to HUD's RAD TPV to PBV Conversion Instructions for RAP and Rent Supp Properties

HUD published a notice in the Federal Register to clarify its guidance and instructions for the conversion of RAP and Rent Supp tenant protection vouchers (TPV) to project-based vouchers (PBV) under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program.

The owners that submitted requests to HUD Multifamily field offices to convert TPVs to PBVs between the publication of the Partial Implementation Notice (PIH 2012-18, March 8, 2012) and the Final Implementation Notice (PIH 2012-32, July 26, 2012) may proceed to complete RAD conversions under the terms and requirements of the Partial Implementation Notice PIH 2012-18, provided that the Multifamily field office has received a written request  and/or supplemental materials from the owner or owner’s representative to convert Rent Supp or RAP TPVs to PBVs.

The requirements for the written request are detailed in the Federal Register Notice.

Owners wishing to convert under the Partial Implementation Notice must meet all submission requirements of that Notice by November 12, 2012, or else that request will be rejected. If the request is rejected, owners may submit a new RAD conversion request under the  terms and requirements of the Final Notice (PIH 2012–32, July 26, 2012).

A copy of the Federal Register Notice may be found here:

A copy of HUD Notice PIH 2012–18 may be found here:

A copy of HUD Notice PIH 2012–32 may be found here:

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