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Committee Assignments for the 114th Congress

A new NAHMAnalysis which details the chair and ranking member positions for each Congressional committee with some form of oversight of affordable housing programs is now available on NAHMA’s website.

Members of the 114th Congress were officially sworn in to office on January 6, 2015. The preceding election in November of 2014 resulted in the Republican Party winning many key Senate races, thus placing its members in the majority for both chambers. With this new majority in the Senate, the leadership positions and member roster will change for all 12 of the committees and the corresponding subcommittees. It is important to note that some of the finalized leadership positions are different from previous NAHMAnalysis predictions. Additionally, a complete list of members for each of these committees has been included.

To view this NAHMAnalysis, please click here

On February 2nd, the Obama administration will issue its budget request for fiscal year 2016. Upon the budget release, NAHMA will be sending a Grassroots Action alert to members asking them to contact their elected officials regarding the requested amounts for Project-Based Section 8. You may use this NAHMAnalysis to see which committees your member sits on and if they have a leadership role on this committee or a subcommittee. To find your state senators or district representatives, use NAHMA Maps!

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