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Congressional Management Foundation Advocacy Videos

In February, 2014, NAHMA posted two introductory videos from CMF that focused on general communication strategies and information on the best practices in messaging. We now have four additional videos that delve deeper in specific communication and advocacy strategies.

· WAY Outside the Beltway – House District Directors on the Do’s and Don’ts of In-State Meetings (10 min.) Watch it here

§ Tips and strategies for meeting with your Representatives in your home state.

· Getting Past Gatekeepers: Congressional Schedulers’ Advice for Meeting Requests (5 min) Watch it here

§ Participants will learn: key components/data required by a congressional office to assess the value of meeting with constituent groups; optimum timing for submitting scheduling requests; tips and “pet peeves” when interacting with schedulers and House offices.

· Strategies for Building Relationships Back Home (10 min.) Watch it here

§ In this session participants will learn: who do lawmakers listen to and why; what are the most effective tactics and strategies to use in the district or state; how to build long-term relationships with lawmakers and their staff, and use those ties at crucial points in the legislative decision-making process.

· Strategies for Influencing Undecided Lawmakers (5 min.) Watch it here

§ Many Americans believe that lawmakers are unreachable –that they don’t care about what constituents think and that influence legislative outcomes is impossible and a waste of time. This presentation dispels those myths and offers practical tactics for influential undecided lawmakers.

These videos and those which will follow offer members a multi-media platform to learn about the best practices in grassroots advocacy. We are excited to share CMF’s materials with our members and hope that their communication recommendations will assist you in your own grassroots actions with NAHMA.

To view our entire list of advocacy videos, please visit our Grassroots Advocacy Toolkits webpage.

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