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Federal Agency Conference Spending and Attendance Limitations

NAHMA published NAHMAnalysis 2012-0613-“Federal Agency Conference Spending and Attendance Limitations.”  The NAHMAnalysis provides background on the General Services Administration (GSA) Las Vegas conference scandal that became public in April, and provides information on Congress and the Obama Administration’s responses that would limit federal agency conference and travel spending.


The NAHMAnalysis discusses the proposed Coburn/Issa legislative language that, if enacted, would prevent many federal agency employees from attending and participating in private conferences.  The analysis also discusses the devastating impact this legislative language would have on federal agency staff participation in NAHMA and AHMA meetings.


Finally, the analysis provides information on how you can contact your Congressional Representatives to let them know your concerns about the likely negative impact the Coburn/Issa language would have on public-private partnerships, like those between NAHMA, the AHMAs, and federal agencies like HUD, Treasury, and USDA.


A copy of NAHMAnalysis 2012-0613 may be found here:

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