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Grassroots Action Needed: Support Project-Based Section 8! Call Your Representatives

NAHMA has learned that the House Appropriations Transportation-HUD Subcommittee may cut or underfund the project-based Section 8 program in the House’s FY 2013 Transportation – HUD Appropriations bill.  In response, NAHMA is asking members to please call your Congressional Representatives in the House ASAP. Ask them to contact House Appropriations T-HUD Subcommittee Chair Tom Latham (R-IA), and strongly urge him to fund the project based Section 8 program at a minimum of $9.875 billion, the level provided by the Senate Appropriations Committee in S. 2322-the Senate’s version of the FY 2013 Transportation-HUD Appropriations bill.


For information on contacting your Congressional Representatives in the House, please visit:


When you call your Congressional Representatives, please let them know how cuts to/short-funding of the project-based Section 8 program would directly affect your properties and your residents. Also, let them know how you dealt with the problems caused by short-funded Section 8 contracts and late contract payments in the past.




The affordable housing industry needs all the support it can get to ensure the project-based Section 8 program receives full-funding in FY 2013.  To that end, please encourage other interested stakeholders to call their Congressional Representatives as well.


For more information about NAHMA’s Congressional Call-In Campaign, please see the attached one pager or visit:


For detailed phone scripts, model letters, and talking points for discussing the negative impacts of short-funding the project-based Section 8 program with your Congressional Representative, please visit:

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