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HUD Notice on Supplemental Guidance for the Identification of Supportive Services Tenants/Organizations in HUD Assisted Housing

HUD published Notice PIH 2012-22/H 2012-09 “Supplemental Information to Application for Assistance Regarding Identification of Family Member, Friend or Other Persons or Organization Supportive of a Tenant for Occupancy in HUD Assisted Housing.”


The Notice reinstates and extends Notice H 2009-13/PIH 2009-36, which provides guidance to O/As) and PHAs on the implementation of the requirements of Section 644 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 (Section 644). Under Section 644, O/As and PHAs must provide applicants as part of their application for housing, the option to include information on an individual or organization that may be contacted to assist in providing any delivery of services or special care to applicants who become tenants and to assist with resolving any tenancy issues arising during tenancy.


This HUD Notice also includes Form HUD-92006, Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing (Attachment A), which must be included as part of the O/A’s and PHA’s application for these particular organizations and individuals.




The requirements of Section 644 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 apply to O/As and PHAs administering the following assisted housing programs:

·         Section 202 Project Rental Assistance Contracts (PRAC)

·         Section 811 PRAC

·         Section 202/162 Project Assistance Contract (PAC)

·         Section 202/8

·         Section 8 Project-based

·         Section 236

·         Section 236 Rental Assistance Payment (RAP)

·         Section 221(d)(3) Below Market Interest Rate (BMIR)

·         Section 101 Rent Supplement

·         Public Housing

·         Tenant-based Housing Choice Vouchers

·         Project-based Housing Choice Vouchers


A copy of the Notice may be found here:

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