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HUD Requests Information From Multifamily O/As to Aid in Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Efforts

The National Affordable Housing Management Association received an update from HUD on its disaster relief response in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. So far, the Department has implemented its protocol detailed in Chapter 38 “Multifamily Emergency/Disaster Guidance” of the “Multifamily Asset Management and Project Servicing” Handbook 4350.1 and completed phone assessments for almost all properties hit by the hurricane outside of New Jersey and New York. It also plans to follow up with physical project assessments for properties with moderate damage or greater as soon as possible.

However, HUD needs your help as part of its disaster relief efforts.

The Department has requested O/As at both assisted and unassisted multifamily properties to provide the following information:

· The number of vacancies at your property(s) nationwide (regardless of whether or not your property was affected by Sandy).

o Please provide your name, state your property is located in, contact number, and the number of vacancies at your property to:

§ The FEMA Housing Portal (; and

§ Your local Multifamily Hub Directors; and

· Any property community space you can volunteer for FEMA’s mobile disaster relief centers in areas affected by Sandy.

o Please provide this information to your local Multifamily Hub Directors (Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston).

HUD has informed us that it requesting the vacancy information because it is trying to temporarily transfer displaced residents of affordable housing properties to projects in the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast that have units open.

The Agency is also requesting the vacancy information for the FEMA Housing Portal in order to help households displaced by the disaster find affordable rental housing options. The website can be accessed here:

In addition, the Department is working with FEMA to find locations for additional mobile disaster relief centers. These centers will provide assistance to victims of Hurricane Sandy, including residents at affected HUD projects.

For information on contacting your Multifamily Hub Directors, please click here:

For more information on HUD’s Multifamily Guidance for Disaster Recovery, please click here:

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