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HUD Update: HUD Provides URA Training on Permanent Residential Displacement

2 February 2021
 February 2, 2021
Category HUD News, News

HUD has recently released a new web-based training course addressing permanent residential displacement as it pertains to the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act. For more information, including how to participate in the training, please see the announcement from HUD EXCHANGE below:

HUD Releases New URA the HUD Way Training – Module 5: Residential Relocation
In accordance with the URA, any residential occupant who qualifies as a displaced person is entitled to payment for moving and related expenses and to an offer of comparable replacement housing. This module addresses permanent residential displacement. Module Goals: Planning for Residential Relocation Relocation Notices and Advisory Services Comparable Replacement Housing How to Calculate Moving Benefits How to Calculate Replacement Housing Benefits How to Process Residential Relocation Claims Take the Training

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