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HUD Update: HUD to Propose New Rule to Make Optional Carbon Monoxide Detectors Mandatory

24 April 2019
 April 24, 2019
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HUD issued a notice regarding carbon monoxide detectors in HUD-assisted housing. The purpose of the notice is to remind and encourage owners, managers, and agents of HUD-assisted housing to have operational CO detectors in units that have fuel-fired/burning appliances or an attached garage.

According to HUD’s press release, this notice is being issued as part of the Secretary’s efforts to support decent, safe, and sanitary housing in HUD’s low-income housing assistance programs. Because CO is undetectable through sight, smell, sound, or touch, a device is necessary to determine the presence of high and dangerous concentrations of CO in a residence.

On March 25, 2019, REAC issued an Inspector Notice that establishes guidance to all UPCS inspectors who conduct physical inspections of HUD-assisted and insured properties about performing a data collection process to determine the prevalence of CO detection systems at HUD properties subject to UPCS inspection.

HUD anticipates issuing further guidance and instructions on this important public health issue. In addition, HUD will pursue rulemaking for the Housing Choice Voucher, Multifamily, and Public Housing Programs to add a requirement for functioning carbon monoxide detectors in applicable units.

To read the attached notice online, please click here. To read more about emerging changes to REAC, please visit NAHMA’s webpage here.

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