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HUD Update: [TRACS System Off-Line] TRACS Notification of System Release/Upgrade

3 June 2019
 June 3, 2019
Category HUD News, News

1.Mainframe and Server Enhancements(05/31/2019)

This May 31, 2019, release/upgrade will improve data integrity, increase accessibility, and provide correct system processing.

  1. The system will provide more flexible and accessible reports by exporting to a standard text file format (.txt) instead of the proprietary .trx format.
  2. ARAMS will ease processing by enabling the selection of multiple offices – including “select all” – for the Cancel Current Funds PAS Rejections list. The iText Attachment 14 has also been modified to include the correct number of months supplied.
  3. The Voucher system has been updated to more accurately address fatal errors VF040 and VF011 as follows:
    • Remove VF040 entry from the DB2 Reference table, F87PTVCHFATALERREF 
    • Remove VF040 entry from the MAT Guide, Appendix E – TRACS Fatal Error Messages and Codes 
    • Modify VF040 edit from LM310 procedure – Batch_Create_Shdw_Voucher_New
    • Generate fatal error message, VF011 (Miscellaneous request type is invalid; resubmit with valid request type), when voucher is submitted with SERV as Misc. Request Type in MAT 30 Section 6
  4. The system will no longer generate discrepancies CE364 and CE258 if the certification is a new (initial) certification.
  5. The system will be more flexible with the generation of system emails to the TRACS support/contractor team by utilizing distribution list to accommodate for future staff changes without code modification.

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