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NAHMA Affordable Housing for Working Families Survey

As part of NAHMA’s Strategic Advocacy Goals Task Force, NAHMA would like to hear about members’ experiences with affordable housing programs for working families, or “workforce housing”, in an effort to determine what NAHMA can offer participating managers and developers. Although many residents in Section 8 and other HUD programs are working, the term “workforce housing” is often used in reference to housing targeted to households with incomes between 60-120 percent Area Median Income (AMI).


1. Please describe your experience with federal affordable housing programs for working families.

a. Oversight experiences?

b. Experiences or items of note for income eligibility checks?

2. Some states or local communities have developed their own affordable housing programs for working families. For example, Fairfax County in Virginia has its “Affordable Dwelling Unit” program which has its own set of rules and regulations.

a. Have you participated in any state/local programs? Where?

b. Are there any unique requirements/regulations that are not found in federal programs?

c. What type of incentives does your state/community offer for participation?

3. Do you have any experience in developing new affordable housing for working families?

a. What resources did you use to fund this project?

b. Can you identify differences in developing affordable housing for working families in comparison with more traditional assisted-housing developments (i.e. those that use Project-based Section 8)?

4. Which income threshold do you think is best served by affordable housing for working families? (i.e. workers earning a certain percentage of AMI)

Thank you in advance for completing this survey. Please send in responses to Scott McMillen at NAHMA at by Monday, March 2, 2015.

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