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NAHMA Grassroots Action Alert: Urge Congress to Fully-Fund Project-Based Section 8 in FY 2016

26 February 2015
 February 26, 2015
Category Grassroots

NAHMA is requesting your participation in an urgent grassroots effort to advocate for increased funding for Project-Based Section 8 (PBS8) contracts in fiscal year 2016. While the Administration has requested a funding increase for PBS8 in its FY 2016 budget request, NAHMA remains concerned that the funding level is not adequate to fully fund all contracts upfront for 12-months at the time of renewal. In the budget, HUD indicates that the requested amount for the program will be sufficient for 12-month funding, but this assumption is based on a transition to a calendar year funding model wherein all contracts are funded at once beginning January 1 each year.

Below and attached to this message are several documents that will assist you in requesting FY 2016 PBS8 appropriations which are above the Administration’s request. You will need to ask your senators or representatives to make this request on your behalf to members of the House or Senate Appropriations Committees. If your representative or senator is a member of the Appropriations Committees, you may ask them directly (a recent NAHMAnalysis provides a full list of the Committee members). NAHMA Maps can help you identify your senators or representatives.

The first document is a comprehensive overview of our request to Congress, which provides facts on the program’s funding history, our concerns with the calendar year funding cycle, and information for your Senator and Representative on how they can support our efforts. We encourage you to send this to your lawmaker and his or her staff for them to review the challenges facing the program and why our request for the program exceeds the Administration’s request. With this fact sheet, your lawmaker can make a stronger appeal to their colleagues on the Appropriations Committees. Please click here

Next is a formal request summary which will fulfill your lawmaker’s information needs for them to complete their requests to the Appropriations Committees. Some members of the Appropriations Committees have different procedures for submitting a request. These procedures may  require specific funding levels from previous appropriations bills or other details about the program. This document will provide any information that an Appropriations Committee member may request. Please click here to view this request summary.

The final documents are formal letters which we request that you send to the chairman and ranking member of both the House and Senate Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittees. These letters again spell out our request to lawmakers and provide context for why this request is necessary for PBS8. The chair and ranking member of these subcommittees are responsible for drafting the FY 2016 appropriations bills for HUD programs. We ask that you sign this letter and send it to the offices of the chair/ranking member listed. **Please note that the date line at the top of the document must be filled in with the specific date you send the letter**

Click here for the request letter for the House of Representatives T-HUD Appropriations Subcommittee

Click here for the request letter for the Senate T-HUD Appropriations Subcommittee

Please contact NAHMA staff member Scott McMillen ( with any questions about this grassroots effort or the materials listed above.

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