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NAHMA Grassroots Strategic Foresight Volunteers

21 March 2017
 March 21, 2017

At the NAHMA March meeting, NAHMA introduced a new Strategic Plan for 2017-2021. One key area of the plan envisions widespread participation and support by AHMAs, NAHMA members and leadership is the Strategic Foresight Goal, as outlined below.

The NAHMA Board of Directors, is asking MAHMA members to help in building a network of volunteers interested in helping NAHMA stay current on new and emerging activities that may be transpiring in a variety of key arenas of interest, as outlined below.

GOAL – Strategic Foresight

Build and utilize a network of well-connected volunteer subject matter experts to regularly collect and share the latest information on new or emerging activities in key arenas of interest –

  1. a) Currently identified arenas of interest:
    • Congress
    • Federal Agencies – HUD (REAC, PIH, MF, FHEO); RD; Treasury/IRS
    • Administration / White House / OMB
    • Colleague groups
    • State and local government and agencies
    • Media
    • Other

If you are interested in volunteering for this grassroots activity, to send an email to NAHMA government affairs coordinator Juliana Bilowich at by April 28 letting her know. NAHMA will need:

– Volunteer’s Name, Company Name, City/State, email, phone, programs you are involved in (HUD, LIHTC, RD), and, activity(ies) you are interested in tracking and reporting on (see list below in light blue)


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