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NAHMAnalysis: A Business Case for a Single Student Occupancy Rule for All Affordable Housing Programs

A new NAHMAnalysis that presents a business case for a single student occupancy rule for all affordable housing programs is now available at

There is currently no single policy to determine whether an adult student is eligible to live in an apartment that is financed or subsidized through a federal multifamily housing program. The discrepancies in the student occupancy rules for HUD’s Section 8 programs and the IRS’ Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program can cause serious complications for multifamily owners and management agents.

This NAHMAnalysis examines the various student rules NAHMA members are most likely to encounter and makes the case that there should be only one rule. The student policies noted in this discussion may not be exhaustive, so this document is intended only for informational purposes; it does not constitute legal or compliance advice.

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