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Obama Administration's Budget Request for FY 2016

Today the Obama Administration released its budget request for fiscal year 2016. The charts below contain the funding amounts requested by the Administration compared with the figures provided in the FY 2015 omnibus appropriations package (H.R. 83), which was passed in December, 2014. Please note that this is a preliminary analysis – NAHMA will continue to review all of the details in the budget and provide members with a more in-depth analysis in the coming days.



Project-Based Section 8

Housing Choice Vouchers


Section 202

Section 811

Community Development Block Grant

FY 2016 Budget Request

$10.76 billion*

$21.16 billion**

$1.06 billion

$455 million***

$177 million

$2.80 billion

FY 2015 Omnibus

$9.73 Billion

$19.3 Billion

$900 Million

$420 Million

$135 Million

$3 Billion

*Includes $400 million in advanced appropriations

**Includes $18.33 billion for contract renewals

***Includes $77 million for Service Coordinators

USDA-Rural Development:


Section 515

Section 521  Rental Assistance

Section 538

(Loan Level)

Revitalization and Rural Housing Vouchers

FY 2016 Budget Request

$42.27 million

$1.172 billion

$200 million

$34 million/ RHVs: $15 million

FY 2015 Omnibus

$28.40 Million

$1.088 Billion

$150 Million

$24 Million/ RHVs: $7 Million

The President’s budget serves as a framework for Congress to compare and complete its own budget, and it also serves as a set of policy recommendations for the upcoming fiscal year. To view the budget, please click here

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