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Oppose Mandatory Spending Cuts To Affordable Housing Programs

Your Congressional Representatives are heading back to their states and districts to campaign for the upcoming 2012 election cycle. NAHMA strongly encourages you to contact them while they are home and let them know you strongly oppose sequestering (i.e. mandatory across-the-board government spending cuts) federal affordable multifamily housing programs, particularly rental assistance programs.

Please urge them to ensure that sequestration does not harm important affordable housing resources for America’s most vulnerable when they return to Washington, DC in November and December.

When you contact your Representatives, please also let them know that:

· Almost all federal affordable multifamily housing programs are eligible for sequestration and would be cut by 8.2 percent if it is enacted;

· Sequestering HUD’s budget alone could result in the loss of:

o 53,000 jobs;

o Housing assistance for at least 250,000 households—many of which are elderly, disabled, and/or veterans; and

o Homelessness assistance for 100,000 households.

· Congress and OMB do not have enough information about how the sequestration will affect individual programs to understand the consequences of implementation.

For information on meeting with, calling, or emailing your Representatives, please visit:

For additional talking points on the impact of sequestration, please see the following NAHMA Fact Sheet:

For additional information on sequestration, please visit:

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