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REAC Schedule of the Status of Prior Audit Findings

Schedule of the Status of Prior Audit Findings, Questioned Costs, and Recommendations

There will be a system release on May 30th to update the Schedule of the Status of Prior Audit Findings.  Accounts S2800-005 (Previous Finding Reference Number) and S2800-030 (Report Period) will be eliminated.  Account S2800-020 (Narrative) will be renamed to “Finding.”  Account S2800-020 (Status) will be reconfigured to be a text field instead of a drop-down box.  Active submissions with a status of Validated or CPA Attested will be reverted back to a draft status on May 30th and will need to be re-validated with the new account changes, so we encourage owners to make their final submissions before May 30th.  Please note, these changes only affect profit-motivated/limited-distribution owners filing in accordance with IG2000.04.

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