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Results of the 2014 Mid-Term Elections

A new NAHMAnalysis which provides information on upcoming changes to key Senate and House Committee due to the 2014 Mid-Term Elections is now available at

As predicted by various political analysts and media outlets, Republican candidates won many key Senate races and picked up additional seats in the House of Representatives during the 2014 Mid-Term elections. The results of these elections have wide-ranging implications for the leadership of each chamber, and the focus of each of the Congressional committees and their corresponding subcommittees. Generally speaking, the party with the most members in each chamber sets the agenda for consideration of bills and controls the committee chairmanships.

The leadership positions and Committee assignments will take effect when the 114th Congress is sworn in and formally organizes in January. Committee chairs control the legislative agenda, schedule, and enjoy subpoena power. They are exclusively members of the majority party while the Ranking Members of the committees lead the minority party. Ranking Members do not control the agenda or schedule of the committees, but they can be influential in crafting legislation and choosing witnesses at hearings.

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