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Rural Development has Released its Contingency Plan in the Event of a Government Shutdown

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development has released its contingency plan for a possible federal government shutdown. Like HUD’s plan, this document will provide you with an outline of how RD programs will operate without appropriations from the federal government.

RD has no program activities that would continue during a government shutdown. The shut-down of RD loan and grant making activities for a prolonged period of more than two weeks would have an immense adverse impact on the rural economy. No additional loans/grants would be available during the period, except for emergency purposes. However, “Rural Development has a number of programs that contain broad authorizations under no-year appropriations for the Secretary to utilize funds for necessary servicing actions or to make and insure loans and to make grants until the appropriated funds are expended”. This includes the Section 521 Rental Assistance Program.

NAHMA will be in communication with RD staff and will continually update members as more information becomes available. RD will, within two business days of the shutdown, inform all agency employees of their work status and assignments.

To view RD’s Contingency Plan, please follow this link to the NAHMA Rural Housing webpage

Alternatively, the document is available on USDA’s website:

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