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Social Security Administration Will No Longer Issue SSN Print-Outs

How to Get Proof of Social Security Numbers or Benefits

Beginning February 2014, the Social Security Administration will no longer issue Social Security number (SSN) printouts and their field offices will stop providing benefit verification letters.

The Social Security Administration explained “To leverage our technology investments and meet the increasing demands for our service, we’re making changes to how we provide some services to our customers. Later in 2014, Social Security will stop providing benefit verification letters in our local offices. You still will be able to get an instant letter online by creating a personal mySocial Security account or you may call our toll-free telephone number to request one by mail. Also, to help prevent identity theft, we will discontinue providing Social Security number printouts since they have no security features and are easily misused or counterfeited. If you need proof of your Social Security number and you do not have your Social Security card, you will need to request a replacement card by completing the Application for a Social Security Card and providing the required documentation.”

“We continue to work directly with advocates, social service agencies, and other third parties to make sure they have access to available data exchanges to obtain Social Security number information without needlessly requiring their clients to undertake the task.”

Beneficiaries can obtain a benefit verification letter by registering for an account, or by calling the national toll-free number 1 (800) 772-1213, and using the automated application.

Members of the public can register for a “my” Social Security account at and safely conduct business online 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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