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Status of Rental Assistance Payments

In response to concerns from several O/As who have not received their scheduled RA payments, NAHMA made inquiries to Rural Development headquarters. Here is the response we received this afternoon:

“As you may be aware, we received our annual RA allocation on January 28.  Those funds were pushed out to the field on February 2 and field staff have been obligating funds since then.  Meanwhile, due to the 6 week period during which we had no RA, payments were in the pending account.  When funds were received, there was about 650 payments in pending.  Our Finance Office has been working almost around the clock to process those payments, after the funds are obligated.  As of yesterday, they had cleared about 1/3 of the backlog and are continuing to whittle it down.


We have sufficient funds, so that should not be a concern.  Working on the backlog caused by the delay in getting the funds is a challenge that the Finance staff is addressing.

Please refer any borrowers with concerns to our office; we’ll be happy to help.”

Please know that NAHMA’s Rural Housing Committee is closely monitoring this situation.

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