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HUD will furlough employees as a result of sequestration. This email summarizes the best information we have available at this time regarding implementation of the furloughs. Generally speaking, all HUD employees will be furloughed for a period not to exceed 7 days, and HUD will close its offices on those scheduled furlough days. If there are changes to the furlough policies, please know that we will keep members informed as new developments come to light.

1. WHY is HUD furloughing its employees?

Sequestration requires five percent across-the-board cuts to all budget account programs, projects and activities. HUD’s salaries and expenses funding is subject to the sequester. HUD will also reduce its travel expenses, which are included in the same budget line item.

2. WHO is subject to the furloughs?

With very limited exceptions, all HUD full-time and part-time employees (including Schedule C, non-career SES and career SES employees) are subject to the furlough.

The exceptions are those employees who are:

a) Appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate;

b) On non-pay status;

c) Under an Intergovernmental Personnel Act mobility assignment;

d) On an assignment not causing expenditure of HUD funds;

e) In positions whose duties are of critical importance to HUD’s mission (as determined by management) and can’t be curtailed; and

f) Office of the Inspector General employees.

3. WHAT does this mean for HUD employees?

Generally speaking, all HUD employees will be furloughed for a period not to exceed seven workdays (56 hours). Part-time employees will have their furlough time calculated to reflect a 10 percent reduction in work hours in the designated pay periods. The furloughs are mandatory, and employees will not receive pay for the furlough days.

Furloughed employees will be in non-pay, non-duty status. Simply stated, they are absolutely prohibited from working on the furlough days. They cannot serve as unpaid volunteers. They must remain away from their workplace, and they are not permitted to telework, to access HUD email or to access HUD computer systems. Failure to comply with these policies will result in disciplinary action.

4. WHEN will the furloughs take place?

They are scheduled for:

a) Friday, May 10;

b) Friday, May 24;

c) Friday, June 14;

d) Friday, July 5;

e) Monday, July 22;

f) Friday, August 16; and

g) Friday, August 30.

5. HOW will they be implemented?

All HUD offices nationwide will be closed on the days of scheduled furloughs. HUD believes the office closures are the best way to ensure:

a) Safety and appropriate supervision of its employees;

b) That the Department does not inadvertently violate:

· The Anti-Deficiency Act (which prohibits agencies from spending or obligating more money than provided in their appropriations or fund accounts, etc.); or

· The Fair Labor Standards Act (which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards affecting employees in the private and government sectors); and

c) Better service to the public by having a full complement of HUD staff on the days HUD is open.

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