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Worksheet for MFH Individual Tenant File Review" for Supervisory Visits and Improper Payments Audits

USDA-Rural Development has asked NAHMA to pass along its “Worksheet for MFH Individual Tenant File Review,” which is used during RD’s supervisory visits and Improper Payments Audits for rural multifamily properties.

The worksheet acts as a checklist for RD and auditors to ensure that properties are complying with tenant file regulatory requirements. A copy of the worksheet may be found here:

The first page of the worksheet is used during the Supervisory Visit – when RD is reviewing the tenant file. The second page of the worksheet is used both at the RD supervisory visit and the IPIA review.

The “MFIS TNT 1000 Quick Check” column (on the second page) is the information that is currently in RD’s database based on the Form 3560-8 “Tenant Certification” that was submitted to the Agency.  The file reviewer uses the third party documents in the tenant file to determine if the amounts listed in the first column of the “MFIS TNT 1000 Quick Check” are correct.

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