On October 19, 2022, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of HUD REAC shared NSPIRE’s advancements during its development and exploratory phases. It is reported that HUD’s NSPIRE is on pace to roll out as of October 1, 2023, to replace UPCS as the inspection protocol for REAC inspections. HUD believes that the demonstration program provided a solid working model that will be refined in these remaining ten months of the demonstration program. Items that were discussed are HUD NSPIRE Get Ready Programs set to launch in numerous cities beginning October 31, 2022. HUD REAC will be releasing previews of the new NSPIRE on-line system. It will include a portal that allows users the ability to utilize tools for working with inspection results. The NSPIRE scoring notice is expected sometime this Fall, showing how the standards will be applied and how they will impact the new inspection model. There will be two types of Life-Threatening Standards. The Severe Life-Threatening deficiencies will still have a 24-hour timeframe for repairs while the Severe Non-Life-Threatening defects will be 30 days to repair.

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