The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) is seeking industry comments on their revised Recommended Practices in Housing Credit administration.  The Recommended Practices and accompanying survey document are attached and cover all areas of state administration of the Housing Credit program, including development, underwriting, and compliance. 

On behalf of NCSHA’s Task Force on Recommended Practices in Housing Credit Administration, co-chaired by Maura Collins (Vermont) and Christopher Nunn (Georgia), NCSHA is seeking comments on a proposed update of this essential resource to state Housing Credit agencies and the Housing Credit program. 

The attached document is a draft revision of the Practices that reflects the task force’s intensive consideration over the past nine months of dozens of suggestions from state Housing Credit agencies and a wide range of organizations, including yours, representing all the constituents of the program.

The draft proposes changes to 21 of the existing 46 recommendations and adds new ones addressing certain renter issues and nonprofit organizations’ statutory “right of first refusal” under the program. A slide deck summarizing all proposed changes is also attached for your convenience.